International activities at the College

Over the years, the College has been engaged in international activities in order to assist developing countries, to share Canadian know-how and, on the other hand, to enrich teaching , Research and culture of teachers and students of the College.

In collaboration with various institutions and organizations working in international development, the College has carried out projects with several countries such as Mali, Romania, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Burundi, Algeria, Tunisia and Nicaragua.

The College’s interventions abroad focus mainly on the training of human resources that stimulate the agri-food sector in a country. Training takes into account major issues such as sustainable farming practices, industry adaptation to external and internal market signals, and respect for and strengthening the socio-economic structure of the regional agri-food industry.

College staff have a broad knowledge of the challenges and opportunities of developing countries.

Examples of projects

A) Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)
(B) Morocco
(C) Islamic Republic of the Comoros
(D) Equatorial Guinea
(A) Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) :

Focus Agro-Food


Country: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

African and Canadian partners :
The Congolese beneficiary of this project is the Saint Pierre Canisius Agro-Veterinary Institute.

The New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) is the Canadian partner of the University of Guelph’s Alfred College.

Project: purpose and objectives of the project

The aim of the project is to improve the food security of people and the economic growth of the Democratic Republic of the Congo through the training and development of human resources working in the agri-food sector.

The project will pursue the following objectives:

· Support the reform of the technical training program of Agro-Veterinary Technician.

· Develop teaching materials.

· Perfect teachers and managers of the Agro-Veterinary Institute Saint Pierre Canisius (ISAV).

· Increase the capacity of this institution to produce ending (e ) s capable of developing sustainable agribusiness private sector in the DRC.

Services offered under this project:

The Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC), through the Alfred College of the University of Guelph, offers the following services:

· Technical assistance and training in the DRC in the following areas: program review, training and development of trainers, development of an ISAV entrepreneurial component and development of teaching materials.

· Training course in Canada in the following areas: agricultural economics, record keeping and accounting, agri-business management, marketing, training program management, and recruitment strategy.

· Acquisition of equipment and teaching materials.

· International education and awareness raising activity for the staff of the participating colleges, their students and their local community.

· Overall management and coordination of the project.

Expected outcomes of the project:

At the end of the project the following results are expected:

· A team of trainers specializing in agricultural entrepreneurship and rural development.

· A team of managers with a better knowledge of the management of technical training programs and having developed a strategy for the recruitment of girls.

· Specialized educational materials developed in entrepreneurship and rural development.

· New courses available in entrepreneurship and rural development.

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