Student life at the College of Alfred is very active. A student life leader is responsible for coordinating extracurricular activities according to the taste and needs of the student body.

Situated in rural areas, the Alfred College offers many advantages to its students. A 3.5 kilometer ecological trail that is part of one of Ontario’s model forests, an arboretum, a dairy complex, 350 acres of land, a research center, a special library e, modern laboratories, a sports complex including gymnasium, indoor swimming pool and bowling alleys and more.

Residing at the College of Alfred facilitates the transition from family life to student life. As soon as he arrives, the student discovers a new family: classmates, teachers, the student leader and the counselors. Student counselors are students who lend their ear and their time to ensure the well-being of their peers in residence. Supported by a dynamic team, the new student at Alfred College is able to face all the new challenges. Nothing equals the experience lived in residence! Especially when it offers a walkway to the main building, air-conditioned rooms, the possibility of having its own telephone, access to the internet and a food plan of the most advantageous .


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