Post-Degree in International Development (A106)
The Alfred College offers a Certificate in International Development. This one-year program is designed for students who have a degree leading to the labor market and who want to add international development training to their knowledge.

This practice-oriented certificate is based on three activities: a group initiation trip to a developing country, an internship and preparation of a project International development.

The program consists of the following courses:

Session 1
Management of the company
Pre-departure preparation
Spanish conversation I
Accounting principles
Project management
knowledge exchange and technology transfer
Adaptation of professional knowledge (part 1)
Intercultural communication
Practical internship course Professional training (Part 1)

Group Internship in a Developing Country (December)

Session 2
Animation and
Teamwork International Development Emergency
Humanitarian Assistance Development
Adaptation of Professional Knowledge (Part 2)
Spanish Conversation II
Practical Internship (Part 2)

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