Admission Scholarships Admission
scholarships are automatically awarded to students enrolled in a Diploma program of the College who meet the eligibility criteria. The amount of money towards </s> varies according to the admission average. The total amount of the scholarship is divided into two equal parts. A tranche is given to the student at the beginning of each session, that is, in the fall and winter.

Admission average
90% and over
80% and over
70% and more
60% and more Scholarship
$ 400 $
350 $
250 $
Average Grade 12 Grade 12 Admissions (Secondary 5), the highest grade in mathematics and applied science, and the highest grade in Grade 12 (Secondary) 5).

Director Scholarships
The Director of the Alfred College would like to promote the youth spirit of initiative and support within the community. Through ten or so director awards, up to $ 500 each, it recognizes the participation of students in their communities and encourages the development of future Francophone leaders. Scholarships are awarded to newly enrolled full-time students in a degree program at the Alfred College. Of this amount, 50% is awarded in the autumn and the other 50% at the beginning of the winter session.

Scholarships Students
in Ontario may apply from a minimum of thirteen different scholarships totaling more than $ 15,000 available annually. These scholarships, offered by individuals and / or organizations in the region, have been specifically designed to meet the needs of the client of the College of Alfred. In addition to demonstrating a need for financial assistance, the student must meet other selection criteria on the basis of the coveted scholarship.

Procedures for Director Scholarships and Scholarships
Applicants must complete a registration and assessment form for their financial needs and attach a letter explaining why they wish to receive a scholarship, the report card The latest and a curriculum vitae. A good academic performance and a spirit of initiative and mutual aid within the community are also among the selection criteria.
Scholarships for the continuation of studies

Excellence Scholarships
Students who maintain an average of 85% or more during the first two years of their studies in a Diploma Program at Alfred College will automatically receive A $ 500 bursary in their second year.

scholarships Scholarships awarded to students enrolled in a Diploma program of the Alfred College who see their academic efforts and their involvement in community life rewarded s. These scholarships are awarded at the graduation ceremony.

Scholarship for Student Abroad
Bour Scholarship This scholarship, valued at $ 500 per annum, was created in memory of Djiraimadji Ngarbaye Tombalbaye of Chad who was a student at the Alfred College from 1999 to 2001.

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