Distance lessons

The Training and Rural Innovations section offers distance education in horticulture, management, zootechnics and the meat industry … no need to travel.

The courses are designed in such a way that the student can learn independently. The explanations are clear and reinforced by illustrations, case studies and accompanying material such as videotapes.

Correctors with extensive experience in the fields listed above will correct the duties and examinations.

Some of these courses are also recognized as part of the College’s degree programs.

Registration fees vary according to course (see grids below). Fees include registration, documentation, correction and postage. All is payable in Canadian currency at Alfred College, University of Guelph. Tax receipts are issued upon full payment.

A fee of $ 25 applies for the opening of any new file.

Please note that some courses require the purchase of additional materials not included in the registration fee and course fees.

Admission Requirements
There is no pre-requisite to enroll in distance learning courses. The student may apply for credits for previous courses. He can enroll in courses by interest or to obtain one of the certificates.

List of courses offered Course description

Certificate in horticulture The Certificate in horticulture totals 45 credits (seven compulsory courses and a choice of 15 complementary courses). In order to obtain this certificate, the student must make a final project which allows him to put into practice the knowledge he has acquired in the theoretical courses. In particular, he can prepare a start-up business plan for a small horticultural company or undertake an internship.

The successful student has all the basic tools needed to start a small horticultural business. It may take more than two years to complete the certificate. Refer to the list of courses to find out which courses are part of the Certificate in Horticulture.
Work in greenhouse and nursery
Work in garden centers
Starting a small horticultural business

Horticulture I, II, III The Horticulture I, II, III certificate is available to the gardeners of major retail chains and to anyone interested. Aside from the Certificate awarded by Training and Rural Innovations, individuals completing these modules receive a badge with the certified ® certified horticulturist.

Module I:
The morphology and function of plants
Ecological horticulture
Professionalism and public relations

Module II:
Persistent plants
Plants with deciduous foliage
Herbaceous plants
Plants for patios, balconies and roof terraces
Indoor plants

Module III:
Designing and Carrying Out Residential Landscaping
Control of Insect Pests and Diseases
Vegetable and Fruit Crops
Greenhouse and Nursery
Work in Garden Centers

CCSC CSC is a standard pan-Canadian certification for those who make recommendations to producers, distributors and the general public on crop protection products.


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