Research and Technology Transfer at the Alfred College of the University of Guelph

The Research and Technology Transfer Group (RTT) of the Alfred College specializes in applied research in the fields of environment and crop science. We help food industry stakeholders and the community ensure sustainable agricultural development, reduce production costs, stay at the cutting edge of technology and am Improving the rural environment. The dynamic RTT team […]

Distance lessons

The Training and Rural Innovations section offers distance education in horticulture, management, zootechnics and the meat industry … no need to travel. The courses are designed in such a way that the student can learn independently. The explanations are clear and reinforced by illustrations, case studies and accompanying material such as videotapes. Correctors with extensive […]


Admission Scholarships Admission scholarships are automatically awarded to students enrolled in a Diploma program of the College who meet the eligibility criteria. The amount of money towards </s> varies according to the admission average. The total amount of the scholarship is divided into two equal parts. A tranche is given to the student at the […]


up post-secondary education for lack of money … is depriving oneself of an interesting career and a good long-term salary! There are several loan programs, including the Student Financial Assistance Program Application forms for these programs are generally available at the secondary school pupil services level. They may also be obtained from the office of […]

Student Budget *

Tuition fees – Canadian student (2 sessions x $ 1,073) $ 2,146.00 Tuition fees – Foreign student (2 sessions x $ 2,210) $ 4,420.00 Activities and laboratories (2 sessions x $ 200) $ 400.00 Educational excursions $ 50.00 Other fees per year Recreational infrastructure fees (2 sessions x $ 25) $ 50.00 Student association $ […]